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Car Parking Stacker

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Car Parking Stacker

    German technology and engineering, now in every housing association, offices, industrial parks, car dealerships, shopping malls!

    Urban development has resulted in overpopulated cities with limited parking for vehicles. Add to this a growing economy that has resulted in multiple vehicles in one household. Just as our buildings are getting taller vertically, we also need parking systems that create more space within the same area.

    HAHNE offers a wide range of vertical stacking and sliding platform solutions. We have standard and taylor-made parking systems to meet every space and budget requirements. Our systems can be hydraulic, motor operated, or systems with steel cables, in which vehicles up to 3500kg can be hauled on a single slot.

    The very reliable and safe systems from HAHNE are offered as single, multiple - double, triple and quadruple and puzzle parking systems with quick installation for optimum utilization of space and cost efficiency.

    HAHNE parking systems are easy to use and offer choice of stylish designs, operating panels, superior powder coated or paint materials for best finishing and look. With our parking systems, you now have an assured parking space.

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Advantages of Car Parking Stacker