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Elevator Components

Hahne sources top of the line components to keep your elevator in the best of health and best operation during its lifetime.

We keep a ready stock of top European brands, namely Blain Hydraulics (Germany), SEIM, SB Motori and COAM (Italy) at ready disposal. With Hahne, you are guaranteed complete coverage for all your vertical lifting needs.

Elevator Components

Safety Devices


Components for hydraulic elevators


Blain Hydraulics

    Mechanical valve for small & goods lifts

    1. KV0D - Single speed for industrial lifts
    2. KV1P - Single speed
    3. KV1S - Single speed with soft stop
    4. KV2P - Single speed in up direction, two speeds in down direction
    5. KV2S - Single speed in up direction with soft stop, two speeds in down direction
    6. GV - Single speed for goods lifts and car parking applications

    Mechanical valve for large passenger and cargo lifts

    1. EVD - Single speed for goods lifts and car parking applications
    2. EV100 - Two speed, fully adjustable for best travel comfort

    Safety valves for hydraulic lifts

    1. R10 - Rupture valve
    2. L10 - Solenoid operated check valve (A3 valve)

Hydraulic Cylinders

The high quality standards with consistent and reliable performance of its products has earned HAHNE a name in the industry. HAHNE if one of the few companies manufacturing cylinders with high degree of automation using robotic welding, CNC machining, surface finishing, chrome plating to painting, allowing it to deliver even custom-made cylinders quickly.

USP’s of our cylinders

  1. Cylinders out of high precision seamless cold drawn tubes
  2. Honed tubes to required tolerance.
  3. Chrome plated and surface grinded pistons for corrosion resistance and high finish
  4. Prevention of  run-out and cushioning because of cylinder design
  5. High quality, long lasting oil seals
  6. Testing of all cylinders at full load and no-load conditions for friction free smooth operation
  7. Quick seal change using standard tools cause of smart cylinder head design 
  8. Product training video and onsite support
  9. Cylinder in accordance to EN81-20/50 for hydraulic elevators
  10. High operating pressure range, allowing usage in wide ranging elevator applications.
Car Frame

We supply car frames – Standard and Cantilever type. The car frame design is as per ISO 8001. Our design follows all the relevant safety standards so that our customers can rely on us for the best products. The materials used and manufacturing processes are the best in industry. We can also supply car frames as per the client specifications after proper analysis of the requirement.

  1. Manual Door/Automatic Door
  2. Modular Kit for elevator
  3. Comfort Door
  4. Door Drive
SEIM Pumps
  1. Submersible screw pumps from 8 l/min to 800 l/min
  2. Oil filteration system, Oil Coolers
 SB Motori Motors
  1. Oil submersible motors from 4HP to 40 HP
Hydraulic Tank
  1. Aluminium casted hydraulic tanks for small lifts
  2. Mild steel / Stainless Steel Slim tanks
  3. Mild steel / Stainless Steel Standard tanks for passenger lifts
  4. Mild steel / Stainless Steel commercial tanks for large passenger and cargo lifts
  Pipe Fittings & Accessories
  1. Standard bulk head pipe fittings for easy connection in hydraulic power unit assembly. Range of accessories for DIY (do-it-yourself) projects
Hydraulic Oil
  1. Hydraulic oil and additives for trouble free long lasting smooth operation
Electrical junction boxes
  1. Ingress protection (IP) electrical junction boxes with connectors for quick electrical wiring of the power unit

Gearless / MRL lifts and components

    1. Gearless drives: Gearless drive units with frequency inverter for Machine room less passenger and commercial lifts
    2. Gearless drives: Geared traction machine
    3. Safety: Emergency brake system
    4. Safety:Overspeed Governor and Accessories
    5. Counterweight: Counterweight unit for up to 1 T


Safety- and Elevator Components

    1. Hydraulic buffers
    2. Roller Guides and Sliding Guides
    3. Rope Pulleys and Accessories
    4. Oil and Lift Buffers
    5. Rails and Guides


Elevator Components