Hahne Lift > FAQ’s
  • Why should I choose Hahne as my elevator partner?
    Hahne is a force to be reckoned with. Our engineering is second to none and service/maintenance practices that are customer friendly. That’s about us. How does this translate to you? Best return on investment – from all aspects right from upfront costs to running costs to installation to maintenance.
  • Is it not cheaper to inspect the lift regularly and act only when needed?
    Cheaper yes, but not economical. Maintenance and adjustment work, which is an integral part of preventative maintenance, extends the life cycles of wearing parts and prevents secondary damage to high quality assemblies
  • Can I reduce downtime?
    With our technology, installation and availability of spares, you’re guaranteed minimum down time.
  • Can I increase the ease of use?
    Our system is easy to use and understand for all, even for those with different abilities.
  • Can the controller be adapted to my individual traffic requirements?
    Yes, options such as preferential control, individual access authorization, fire brigade control, fire control, load measurement, etc. allow flexible adaptation to specific traffic requirements.