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Traction Elevators

    Hahne Aufzugstechnik provides traction elevators with gearless drive which offers smooth and efficient operation. We use high-strength, flexible rope suspension. Our cabins are very light and save energy by using space-saving pulleys and hoists. 

    All of our elevators meet the highest safety requirements in order to comply with all norms and standards and to ensure a safe journey. We assure you that all of our elevators start, run and stop without jerks.

    Our mid-rise elevators can be designed for a capacity of up to 5000kg and a travel height of up to 50m. The speed of a HAHNE traction elevator is between 0.3m/s and 2.5m/s.

    Hahne traction lifts offer unmatched

    • Efficiency
    • Energy savings
    • Cabin design options

Daniel Ricardo

Low Rise Building Mid Rise Building Industrial Lift
Height 50 feet 150 feet 50 feet
Capacity 4 to 8 Passengers 5 to 20 Passengers 5000 kg
No. of stops 5 15 5
Speed 0.3 m/s to 1 m/s 2.5 m/s 1 m/s

Advantages of Traction elevator