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Repair and service

HAHNE specializes in maintaining not only its own systems, but also those of other manufacturers. When it comes to repairs and maintenance, we attach more importance to avoiding problems than solving them.

The top priority is the satisfaction of our customers, so that you are perfectly happy with your elevator system and the service offered. We are looking forward to keeping you happy.

The HAHNE team has gathered the necessary know-how over the years and has been in the industry for almost 50 years while witnessing the evolution of the elevators.

We are equally familiar with hydraulic and traction lifts and employ industry leading methods for professional service.


With Hahne, you get repairs and servicing compliant to :

Repairs and Servicing – Hydraulic

Most critical component of a hydraulic elevator system is the drive and its control valve. HAHNE has partnered with the leading hydraulic valve manufacturer Blain Hydraulics. This partnership has yielded in an unmatched know-how of hydraulic systems.

HAHNE creates, installs, maintains, services hydraulic elevators across the world either directly or through partners where there is no direct office.


An exhaustive maintenance plan